Whether it’s something as demanding as a vigorous workout to simply maintain or even restore one’s body, or the independence that assistive technology and other products can offer, Getting Back Up strives to ensure that no one goes without the tools needed to make an immediate difference in his or her situation.

It is our intent to help as many individuals as possible who need assistance to improve their quality of life today. We do this through adhering to our core initiatives.

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Getting Back Up supports individuals through:



The importance of exercise therapy cannot be stressed enough for those living with spinal cord injuries and paralysis. Physical and occupational therapy services are critical to achieve the highest quality of life.

Getting Back Up assists individuals with participation in exercise-based recovery programs that are geared towards improving motor and sensory function, and maximizing health benefits.



Even something small can have a big impact when it comes to helping paralyzed individuals regain their independence.

Getting Back Up connects paralyzed individuals with the appropriate products that will assist them in navigating through the everyday tasks that have become more difficult as a result of their injury.



One of the biggest challenges a spinal cord injury brings with it is the need for accessible housing. The costs associated with modifying a living space to accommodate someone with paralysis can be staggering. Unfortunately, many individuals have no choice but to remain in nursing facilities, unable to garner the resources needed to convert a residence into an accessible environment.

THE QUAD represents the opportunity for individuals living with a spinal cord injury to cohabitate in a housing facility specifically designed for their needs. Getting Back Up seeks to work with organizations to facilitate the material procurement and property development to bring THE QUAD to fruition.

If interested in collaborating on this exciting and innovative venture, please CONTACT US.

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